Super Roman Conquest is a side scrolling strategy game that allows you command units through a 3D landscape in the setting of ancient Rome. It’s got a classic throwback vibe with a 16-bit pixel art style mixed with modern strategy gameplay yet unseen in the side-scroller genre. Super Roman Combat blends the nostalgia of your favorite older games with more sensible design touches and larger scale meta game features similar to the indie hits of today.


We find the problem with most of today’s side-scrolling strategy games is the lack of real “strategy” in the gameplay. Most involve just building units as quickly as possible with little thought given to how you’ll utilize your troops. This is because most fighting takes place on a linear path and you cannot take actual control of your army. In SRC, we’re looking to give you unprecedented control over your units and take the side-scrolling genre to a whole new level of strategy!


The action of SRC is like smashing the gameplay of three side-scrollers into one epic battle. The battles take place in real time on up to three separate fighting paths. You will command your units across these paths during encounters that stretch across the entire map and match the scale of ancient battles.

One feature that makes SRC unique is the ability to command individual units or issue orders to entire groups to accomplish unique objectives. You will have constant control over your troops in the field which will allow you to set up ambushes, distract and flank enemies, or tactically retreat to fight another day.


All the units are based on historical soldiers from the armies of ancient Rome and includes centurions, auxilia, archers, cavalry, and engineers to name a few. Each of these units have unique abilities that provide a benefit on the battlefield and can be upgraded as the units gain experience.

What troops make up your army is your choice. Bolster your archers with new equipment to rain down arrows over the enemy or create an unstoppable wall of shield carrying centurions. Access hidden paths in the map by having your engineers build bridges and ladders or construct massive siege engines capable of destroying enemy structures.


All maps are unique depending on the region occupied, weather, and yearly season the encounter take place in. This allows an almost limitless combination of features within a given map.